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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Catching up

I haven't forgotten to blog, but I just haven't much concrete to show for it.

The Cheliax-themed Wayfinder #11 debuted at PaizoCon 2014. In addition to helping with editing and proofreading, I contributed the Addiction Devil (Atropocustra). I found the perfect spell-like ability for it in Rogue Genius' The Genius Guide To 110 Spell Variants (at Paizo and DriveThruRPG) by the awesomely talented Owen K.C. Stephens. Editors Tim & Paris found the perfect artist to illustrate the atropocustra, the gifted Michael Jaecks. Seriously, just look at that amazing picture!

I've got submissions nearly fine-tuned for Wayfinder #12 (Osirion) and a critter drafted for Wayfinder #13 (Ustalav). I'm very very excited for Paizo's upcoming Technology Guide and the Iron Gods Adventure Path, and new ideas keep burbling up in my brain for them. I've also got two huge racial supplements (new races with all the societal flavor, class archetypes, magic, equipment, deities, etc.) that I need to finally commit to completing from all the e-drafts and scraps of paper from my GM notebooks, but who knows when that'll be.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Sal'awaan and brushtail fennec

An update... finally!

So, I just received news Sunday that two of my three critter submissions for the Cheliax-themed  Wayfinder #11 didn't make the cut. Which still isn't bad, considering 1) how much competition there is to get anything into an issue, 2) the hard page cap on this PaizoCo 2014 edition because it'll receive a print run, and c) both of them fit much better in the upcoming Osirion-themed issue.

The third critter is making its way through editing, but I've thrown the other two into some quick HTML for the Web:
  • Critter #1 is the sal'awaan, a humanoid shapechanger based on the sal'awa cryptid from real-world Africa and the lupin therianthrope  legend of real-world Europe. You'll find its article here. (6/15/2014 Edit: Link pulled to rework it.)
If you have any suggestions, questions, or corrections, don't hesitate to comment.

Edit: Fixed some HTML issues.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Molemen, ziphryn, and nacritoi are here!

Late last year, the good folks at Little Red Goblin Games announced they were developing a new book, and they were looking for a few more ideas. So, they announced a competition for new developers to take two or more existing RPG critters or humanoids and then design a new hybrid race. A slew of very talented and creative people entered. They somehow managed to narrow all those great entries down to just three for the book. They were the molemen (a buggane/dwarf hybrid) by Nick Esposito, the ziphryn (a gnome/flumph hybrid... yeah, let that boggle your mind) by Jason "Mikaze" Garrett, and the nacritoi (an oread/rakshasa hybrid) by Sarah "Ambrosia Slaad" Counts...

me!? (Yeah, I'm still kinda stunned about it myself.)

And now, I'm pleased as can be to announce the new book has just been released: Little Red Goblin Games' Racial Guide 2.5 Halfbreeds and Hybrids, available now at DriveThruRPG and Paizo.

I only had a small part in contributing to the book, but I sincerely hope that everyone who buys it really enjoys it and that it adds to their own games. I'd also like to congratulate everyone who entered, and to thank Scott and everyone at LRGG for being such professionals and so generous for the opportunity.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Ah yiss!

So, Tim and Dain burned a lot of sleep and midnight oil, and someone at Paizo stayed late, but it's finally here... Wayfinder #10 has arrived! Quick, go get your free copy right now! And if you liked what you see and read (or have constructive criticism on how to make it better), please consider leaving some feedback or a review.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Moar critters

Moment of Science: Squirrels and Snakeskin: Have you ever heard that some squirrels eat snakeskin? Maybe you haven't, but it's true. [via the always awesome, Shadi Petrosky]
Nifty ideas for ratfolk to deal with the plethora of deadly snake-inspired predators (as well as naga and nagaji).
How A Dog Has Lived For Eleven Thousand Years—In Other Dogs: A dog that was born 11,000 years ago stumbled across the elixir of life, and is still alive today. It didn’t find immortality through a diet of mung beans or daily doses of resveratrol. Instead, that ancient dog employed a more radical solution. Some of its cells became cancerous and invaded other dogs, and those dogs then spread its cells to still other dogs. That ancient dog lives on today in the bodies of countless dogs around the world today. [via artist extrordinaire, Todd Lockwood]
What about a sentient cancer that lives on parasitically in its hosts, influencing their behavior to interact peaceably and/or violently with others to spread communicably? Maybe it also affects its hosts reproductive abilities, helping to spawn many of those “impossible” crossbreeds, amalgams, abominations, and aberrations? Wizards can't be responsible for all of it.

(See also the disturbing case of Henrietta Lacks.)

Friday, January 24, 2014

Proofreader, Proofreader

Now I have “Matchmaker” from Fiddler on the Roof in my head.

Just got the expected email needing proofreaders for Wayfinder #10, and replied to help. I can't wait to see what feedback and comments (good and bad) my [REDACTED] gets. It's almost here...